DESK! A Gnome's Poster

I guess if I had to make any sort of poster for this film... this would be it.

DESK! A Layout

Here's a final layout for the film. It holds references of characters or names of the films of some of my collegues in my year. I'm going to try to fit references to as many people in my year's films as possible. I have to find some way to clutter up a room and desk now don't I?

DESK! A Leica Reel

Here's the Leica Reel for my upcoming epic Gnome adventure DESK! A Gnome's Tale. The tale deals with love, adventure and a whole lot of schadenfreude.

More Drawings of Gnomes

I'm rough animating this film classically but using Flash to clean it up. I like the vector look that Flash provides and I think it suits the characters and look for the film. Here are some other drawings I did of Gnomes to get the feel for their character design.

DESK! A Gnome's Tale

I actually worked on two thesis films over the course of my fourth and final year at Sheridan. Yes I know, its a long story. Anyways, these are some character designs for the main characters. The story is about a bunch of Gnomes that go on an epic quest to retrieve a mystical treasure for their king and encounter... misfortune.

A Rock in the Forest

A gouache painting I did quite a while ago of a forest scene complete with lichen encrusted rock!

Dirk Ramject SPACE DYNAMO!... meets Larry

And here it is!! My final stop motion film. It ended up a lot nicer than I had expected since it was my very first endevour into the world of stop motion. The compositing was actually the most time consuming and annoying part of the whole film though it did help me hone my After Effects skills a lot which is never a bad thing. In the end, I'm really glad that I did it and would totally do it again in a heart beat.

The Set

Here is a pic of the studio setup I used to film my short. Stop motion has quite a set up needed with a lot of different elements. Besides the set and puppets, you need a camera, laptop with some type of stop motion capture software (I used FrameThief in this case), lights, and a tv with a live feed which just makes animating easier. I'm so thankful to Sheridan for supplying the equipment and the space, I wouldn't have been able to do this project otherwise.

The Final Product

Here are pics of the final look of my puppets that would be used in my film. My Space Dynamo is latex covered in stretchy cloth. The boots, pants and gloves are painted on using metallic paint, his head is also painted. His belt made from a strip of metal from a Coke can and a piece of aluminum wire. The aliens are covered in plasticine.

Making Moulds

These pictures are of the latex moulds I made in order to make the heads of each of my puppets. I had to first sculpt the heads using sculpey that was then baked in the oven. I then coated the sculpts with liquid latex. This was quite a long process since each coat needed around 15 minutes to dry before the next coat could be put on and at least 12 coats were needed to make the mould strong enough. After this was done, the latex moulds were taken off the scupts and then filled with a two part plastic which would harden and make the final heads. Quite the process I know but it was necessary and really not as bad as it sounds.

Making Puppets

So here are some pics of the different stages of making the puppets of the characters for my stop motion short. It was really fun and interesting work but time consuming at the same time. Not to mention all the toxic chemicals I used in my not really ventilated bedroom. Woot! This first batch is of the armature skeleton of each of the characters, Space Dynamo Dirk Ramjet I, Roy and Larry. They were made using aluminum wire, plumbers epoxy, copper tubing and aluminum armiture blocks my dad was nice enough to make for me. Thanks Dad! They were then bulked out with upholstery foam and plumbers tape.

Space Dynamo - The Beginning

Here was a second year animation project that would evolve into my first ever attempt at stop motion and one of my thesis films. These sketches and animation would later prove very useful.

The Boneyard

Here are some anatomical studies I needed to do at one time which was actually quite helpful and more fun then I would like to admit.


Here are a pastel interiour and guache painting that didn't turn out half bad. Yeah I know they're old but what can you do...

Fred and Ted

This was the group project I worked on in third year. Its about two clown brothers that don't see eye to eye on one of them leaving the circus life to pursue a different, non-clown life in the city. Here are some designs for Fred, the brother that wants to leave, along with the final leica reel for the short which I did entirely myself. It was a lot of work but on the bright side I did get to do a lot of storyboarding which is one of my more favored activities.

El Nino

Some character sketches of a character for a potential future project. El Nino is the eccentric latin leader of the villainous German group Das Boot. As one can probably guess, there are a lot of communication problems...

Medieval Town

Trying my hand at medieval architecture. Will totally do more.

Oh No! More Lifedrawing!


Okay, I guess this is a good a place to start as any. Some lifedrawing

You knew it was coming

Well, there we have it. I have finally caved into peer pressure and am now a member of the mighty art blog universe. I had tried to put it off as much as possible, knowing how bad an updater I am, but I have conceded to the fact that a blog really is a good way to put my stuff out there and stay in touch with people. So here we are! Now I only need to get a Facebook page and I'll be all set! This blog will be for whatever I want to through up here, please go to My Portfolio link to view my official portfolio. Thanks a bunch[].[]